Why PropTech Should Use Your Property Management Software

Tracking assets is an essential part of a company's profitability and growth.
Property management processes harness a wide variety of tools and practices to ensure that your software works for you as effectively as possible in PropTech.
There are various reasons why PropTech should be used for property management. Some of these include:

Why Should Use Property Management Software

Have a look what are the benefits of uses of property management software below.

1. Cost Savings and Optimisation

PropTech companies providing asset management services can cut software spending costs by as much as 30%. Online asset management helps determine your exact needs and usage requirements, while ensuring the software is procured in the most cost-effective licensing agreement.

2. Tracking Asset Management online

Accurate asset tracking is critical for efficient data management.
Managing asset condition and tracking with easy to use logs can help gain an accurate picture of your fixed assets and better budget for their replacement.

3. Streamlined Maintenance Schedules

Asset management software can be set up to alert relevant employees about scheduled maintenance, to ensure there are no delays.
Mostly, companies fall behind in maintenance management because they use manual methods to track their schedules. If some of the assets used require ongoing or periodic maintenance, asset tracking software assists in this process.

4. Low Commissions and Fees

Online property technology can reduce costs. Traditionally, when you sell a property worth AU$250,000 using an estate agency charging 1.5% commission, you will pay AU$4,500. However, the PropTech solution, online estate agent, typically charge a flat fee, regardless of the value of the property.

5. Automate the Transfer of Property Assets

Using a fixed asset software solution with e-mail notifications, flexible approval routing and which incorporates your own business rules can help enforce compliance, increase efficiency and eliminate errors and delays when it comes to transferring assets.

6. Focus on improving the customer experience

PropTech solutions are aimed at improving the overall customer experience and solving their needs more efficiently.
In the future, technologies including artificial intelligence and robotics, coupled with data analytics via PropTech solutions, can offer a better customer experience as well as creating a seamless process for property management capabilities.
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