7 PropTech Business models

There are a number of businesses where the PropTech model is expected to capture larger audiences, generate more buzz, and promote industry advancement over time.

Secure online resident portal sites allow you to easily administer key property information, including tenant management, billing and financial management, role-based system access and work order management.

Real estate crowdfunding platforms
Crowd-based investment marketplaces on which users can actively manage their investments in institutional-grade commercial real estate investments with lower minimum investment amounts.

Agent management
Agent Management System provide for ease & efficiency for educating agents and compiling information.

Agent comparison
Online platforms that research and compare the best real estate agents in a certain area through analysing millions of properties and thousands of agents from across Australia.

Asset management
PropTech that helps property investors and asset managers with team collaboration and keeping track of assets.

VR (Virtual reality)
Virtual reality has changed the way in which properties are marketed, improving the speed and quality of the buying and selling process. Any company can analyse any potential buyers can view properties in true-to-life definition through VR or online tours.

The pivot towards making renting more renter-friendly, with flexibility, affordability and accountability.
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