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"Blockchain brings to Property two main advantages: security and transparency. Greater transparency is possible since each party involved will have visibility of every transaction. When a permanent and unalterable record of each transaction is created with each party, instead of with just a central authority, there is no single point of failure, resulting in greater security. Such a platform is especially useful for real estate transactions, where every contract is somewhat standardised and large amounts are at stake."
"It is amazing that 89 percent agree with the statement that traditional real estate organisations need to engage with PropTech companies in order to adapt to the changing global environment, while 76 percent of respondents from non-technology businesses do not yet have an enterprise wide digital strategy. What an opportunity this represents for tech businesses."

"There are some amazing opportunities for the sector, but also real challenges. While most respondents recognise the impact of technology and case for change, half of the respondents give themselves a 'fail' when it comes to 'technological innovation maturity'. This means it really is time for the sector to act."
SANDER GRUNEWALD, Global Real Estate Advisory Network Lead, KPMG
"With more and more processes being digitalised, many established sectors have already experienced disruption at the hands of new technology platforms. That's why it's vital that real estate advisors, brokers, investors and startups recognise the changes and opportunities ahead."


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